Two-factor authentication
How to do two-factor authentication and completely protect your money

How to enable two-factor authentication

You have to enable Two-factor authentication (use Google Authenticator app) for accounts that are connected to an affiliate program for payments.

It’s not possible to withdraw money from accounts for payments without this protective measure. (An alternative way – let your manager know one method by that you will always withdraw money).

How to do it:

  • You need to download the Google Authenticator app to your phone (iOS / Android)
  • Enable two-factor authentication in your player account (which for payments) settings
  • Scan the QR code through the smartphone app and enter the code

Enable two-factor authentication step by step

1. Log in to your player account (which for payments, NOT affiliate account)

2. Go to My account -> Personal profile:

3. Click on Two-factor authentication:

4. Download the Google Authenticator app:

App Store

Google play

5. Open Google Authenticator app, scan the QR code. Enter code in this field:

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6. Click on the “Save” button

Bravo! Your account is protected, you can withdraw money now!
Every time you withdraw money, you need to enter a new code from Google Authenticator.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT delete Google authenticator app.

If you have some problems with two-factor authentication – contact your manager.

Alternative way: let your manager know one method by that you will always withdraw money.

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