6 tips how to increase Telegram followers

These tips will help you grow your audience 5-10 times on your betting telegram channel

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6 tips how to increase Telegram channel followers

Have you already read the article about the method of making money in telegrams and applied it on your channel? Excellent! Here are some tips for attracting new audiences to your channel. Some tips give instant results. Some will take several weeks, but it’s worth it.

1. Lists of telegram channels about betting

Add your Telegram channel to the thematic lists about betting.
There are many such sites, examples:

  • https://telegramchannels.me/
  • https://en.tgstat.com/
  • https://telegramindex.com/
  • https://telemetr.io/en/

Google others. If you find a site with a list of telegram channels about betting, your channel should be there. With a fully filled description. Most of them are free. Use it now.

2. Use Instagram

Create an Instagram account of your brand and post screenshots of your bets.
Add a link to your telegram channel in your account description.
But. Just an account with screenshots is not enough.

When you publish a screenshots, write hashtags of bookmakers, sports club names, leagues, etc.
Also place in locations – famous world stadiums where matches take place.


Further. The Instagram account also needs to be prepared, “warm up” before starting to actively work there for the best result. The recommendations are similar to the recommendations for creating a channel in a telegram.

Once you have content on your account, you can more actively follow other tipsters, launch massliking and massfollowing targeting large, successful betting and sports accounts.

You can post links:
To your telegram channel: Yes
Your referral link: Yes, special

3. Use YouTube

Create a YouTube channel for free and start shooting videos now.
Do some quick reviews about Melbet:

  • How to register with Melbet;
  • What are the payment methods in your country;
  • Overview of the bet line;
  • How does the first deposit bonus work;
  • A review of all Melbet bonuses.

This will already bring views and audience!


Add hashtags to each video, a link to your telegram channel.
In the title and description for each video, use relevant video keywords.
Put hashtags not only #melbet, but also other bookmakers. Upload a theme picture for your video cover.

These videos work great too:
– predictions for upcoming matches (Put hashtags of leagues, teams and clubs);
– record a video of your winnings.

You can post links:
To your telegram channel: Yes
Your referral link: Yes, in the pinned to video commentary

4. Use Twitter

Create a twitter account where you will post screenshots and your comments. On Twitter, you can post links to the bookmaker as well as in Telegram. Do not forget! You cannot publish only winnings! Everyone has losses. Alternate screenshots with short tweets.

Use the same hashtags as on Instagram. Subscribe to others. Comment on the posts of others. See how others do.


Reposts are very popular on Twitter. When you have about 1-2 thousand subscribers on the channel, you will be able to negotiate reposts with other channels.

It is important to post regularly. Even if in the beginning you will not see the result. Look at the big Twitter channels – how do you think they got started? Exactly.

You can post links:
To your telegram channel: Yes
Your referral link: Yes

5. Use Facebook

Facebook has thousands of betting groups, search by keywords:
Bets, tips, betting tips, tipsters, odds, predictions, football betting tips, correct score, horse racing, daily free odds, football tips etc.
+ Same keywords + country
+ Same keywords + bookmaker.
You will find a huge number of groups. It is important to choose the most active ones.

In these groups, you can post screenshots of your bets, post links to your telegram channels in the comments, where it is allowed (see the group rules). You need to be prepared that Facebook accounts will be periodically blocked. This is a free method, but to get a good result, you need to join 50-80 groups, actively publish a link to your channel on them. Gradually choose the most “allive” groups from which the audience goes and focus only on them.
However, there is a more interesting and efficient way.


You can create your own Facebook group about sports, betting. Call it “Free tips Melbet” for example.
Use services to increase the number of subscribers. When you get to the top of Facebook search results for your chosen keywords, the audience will begin to come by itself. It is important to choose the right keywords. People are looking for groups with the name of bookmakers, with the name of the sport, with the name “free betting tips” or “sport analytics”. Also with the country name.

The group can be made open or closed. When you see that there is a flow of audience every day – make the group closed, and moderate the comments. The flow of people wishing to join your group will be even bigger. From there, you can easily lead the audience to your telegram channel.

You can post links:
To your telegram channel: Yes
Your referral link: Yes, special

6. Posts on the channels of other tipsters

If you are sure that your telegram channel is prepared correctly, enough time has passed since its launch, there is interesting content on it – go to buy posts from other tipsters.

This is the fastest way to build an active audience. Maximum margin. Yes, you need money to buy posts, but if you use at least two of the methods described above, you will have enough money to make more.

Who to buy posts from? Where is the good audience? You will answer these questions yourself by going through the first 5 points. Or at least 2 of them.

This article will be updated.
Yes, some items will take time. But, as you know, the rocket burns 80% of the fuel at launch. What result will you get? It only depends on you. Melbet has no income limit.

Start with the first 2-3 items. Make them to the maximum. Go to the income level of several hundred dollars a week and move on until you reach the thousands. It’s just a matter of time and effort. Get started now!

Keywords for hashtags and searches

About betting, sports:
bets, tips, betting tips, tipsters, odds, predictions, sport predictions, football betting tips, correct score, horse racing, daily free odds, football tips, free Sports betting tips, mma, ufc, fifa, cricket, hockey, tennis, basketball, esports, rugby.

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Article written by: Damon Farou, affiliate program manager.
Telegram contact: @damon_melbet

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