How to make money through Telegram

What kind of posts do tipsters usually publish in Telegram? What works best?

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Step №1. Create your brand

1) Come up with a memorable name for your channel. It is better if the name includes one of these words:
Bet, bets, betting, tips, tipster, football, hockey, tennis, prediction, sport, odds.
For example: Fox bets, free live tips, Monster bets, Green tipster

2) Make a logo. Order, draw yourself, create on free logo creation services.

3) Fill in the channel information.
– Write a short description of the channel (you can mention your unique betting strategy or your own analytics.
– Submit your affiliate link in the format – “Place bets here:_(your ref link)_”;
– Write about a bonus with your promo code;
– Write a channel managers contacts.

4) Fill with content
Fill your channel with content 1-2 weeks before engaging your audience. Publications should not go in a row in large numbers. Do several (5-6) posts a day.

5) The channel should look natural
In order for the page to look natural before a new audience arrives, you can order subscribers and views of posts in various services. These subscribers will most likely not be active. But for new people, your page will be more credible. More trustable.
(Read the article on attracting a new audience)

What posts to publish in Telegram to earn more?

You need to think in advance about which posts you will publish.
There are several methods:

Method 1. Most effective

  • Post your bets (free tips format) – 70%
  • Promo posts (about bonus) – 10%
  • Screenshots of winnings, reviews from your subscribers – 10%
  • Info posts (upcoming matches, etc) – 10%

Method 2. Informational

  • Info posts (upcoming matches, etc) – 85%
  • Promo posts (about bonus) – 15%

In both methods, you need to communicate with the audience. Do polls. Request followers to send screenshots of winnings and post it. Ask and post reviews.

What you should NOT publish: numerous gif images, empty posts about nonsense, advertisements for other channels.

Successful tipsters/moneymakers use the first method.

Post types with examples

Post your bets – free tips format

Partner publishes posts with screenshots of bets, with bet slip code and comments.
Screenshots are published with text and ref link: Place a bet: YOUR LINK

(Read the article on how to make a text-link)

This type of post is very simple and most effective.
You shouldn’t post only successful bets. Everyone loses from time to time. This is normal.

Examples of posts below (click to expand)


Attention! You will need a demo player account to create content. Ask your manager about it.
Demo player player account is not differ from the real one. The balance is virtual and cannot be withdrawn. Partner can ask a manager to top it up every week.

Promo posts

In promo posts partners remind subscribers about the increased first deposit bonus with their promo code. The % from all publications is 10-15%.
Mix promo posts with screenshots of bets and with informational posts about upcoming matches. Post your thoughts about the results of these matches and so on as well.
Also, such posts – the only option for sports information channels (not tipsters).


In such posts, you can insert a banner with your promotional code. If you don’t have banners or personal promo code, ask your manager. You can find information about marketing tools, promotional codes here.

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Article written by: Damon Farou, affiliate program manager.
Telegram contact: @damon_melbet

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